Smith’s ClickList Delivery – Stay in Your PJ’s, Enjoy Your Coffee and Let Smith’s Do the Work For You!

Ever have those days?  Days when your entire day is jam-packed? Days where your kids are home sick?  Days when you’re prepping for a party?  Days of pure exhaustion? Ever have one of those days upgraded with irritation when you realize you have no groceries and you’ve got to somehow fit the grocery store into the mix?

I despised those days.  We always end up spending way more money because we simply didn’t have time to go grocery shopping.

We’ll those days are long gone.  Some of you already know how much of a fan I am of Smith’s Food and Drug’s ClickList Service.  But I’m now even more excited because they are offering DELIVERY!

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I recently teamed up with Smith’s Food and Drug to check out their delivery service.

Following the same shopping method using ClickList, the only difference is you’ll need to select the Delivery Option Instead.

There is a fee of $11.95 when using Delivery.  The fee is a bit more, than the $4.95 Curbside pick up fee.  But it’s worth every penny when you simple don’t have the means to make it to the store.

When you go to check out, you’ll pay for your order via credit or debit card.  The full amount shown on your invoice is what is authorized.  However, once your order is fulfilled, that’s when Smith’s will bill you the actual amount shown.

My Order Total. $73.44 before any substitutions, coupons, discounts, etc.

My Receipt. $65.05

The process for delivery is easy!  Just like getting a pizza, but better!   And the communication was impeccable.

You’ll receive an email advising your order is ready to be delivered.

Then you’ll receive a text message from the third-party agent, letting you know, they’ve picked up the order and headed to your destination.

What I love is you can actual watch their destination in real time.  Such a neat feature.

Once the driver arrives, they bring all the groceries to your front door.

And that’s it!  Another time-saving technique.

Here’s me.  I schedule my delivery during my early morning coffee.  I didn’t even get out of my PJ’s.  (There’s no shame there!)

So be sure to check out Smith’s Food and Drug ClickList Delivery Service and comment below and share with me your experience!




10 MomLife Must Haves

If you’ve ever see those moms, you know the ones I’m talking about. The moms who wear those cute tees and always seem to have fun accessories too.  They seem to capture the essence of life with those items.  I love it! That’s what inspired this post.  I love the term #momlife and with their being so many cute items. I just had to…

I had to put together 10 Momlife Must Haves for you to enjoy!

momlife attire

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1.) Baseball Cap

If you’re looking for an everyday cap this is it.  It’s perfect for the carpool line or even wearing it to the gym.  This hat fits any casual attire.

2.) Graphic Tee

I just love the maroon color.  It’ll really pop with a pair of jeans.

3.) Socks

If you ever get a chance to put your feet up.  Everyone will get to know how much you are enjoying your rest.


4.) Coloring Book

This coloring book seems hilarious.  Have a look inside and you’ll definitely want to start coloring.

5.  Losing my mind tee

I’ve got 4 kids, I’m pretty sure my mind is long gone.

6. Cold Coffee Mug

This mug is truth!  I heated up my coffee 4x’s yesterday to the point where I had to throw it away.  You know you’ve heated your coffee up too many times when it tastes like burnt coffee.

7. Graphic Tee

Is this all you?  If so, this tee should definitely be in your wardrobe.

8.  MomLife Decal

I love decals.  The hard part will be choosing where to stick it.  Perhaps on the car or on your favorite water bottle.

9. #Momlife Tee

I just love the simplicity of the tee.  


10.) Phone Case

Just a simple phone case that says it all!


Which one of these Momlife must haves is your favorite?  Comment below.

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6 Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

My daughter is getting married.  Being a one income family, we didn’t prepare for this.  We never prepared a wedding fund and that’s ok. I’m confident that we still give her a memorable wedding. We just need to be a bit more creative. Therefore I put together 6 tips for planning a wedding on a budget.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work.  In my opinion weddings never turn out the way us girls dreamed of, unless we have a lot of money to spend on it.

budget friendly wedding

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Having attended several weddings, I started thinking about the ones I’ve attended.  I asked myself what I remembered most about them.  It didn’t matter what amount of money was spent on the wedding, all the details I remembered were roughly the same.

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1. Forget the Pretty.  Take the pretty out of your wedding. Most banquet rooms aren’t pretty and it costs a lot to pretty them up.   Look for venues that include items such as table cloths, seat covers etc.  Avoid paying the extra costs for upgraded items such as centerpieces, fancier linens, china etc.  The only person that is going to remember all the details is you. Rarely do your guest remember all the details. Think of the last wedding you attended.  Do you remember the color of the table cloths? What pattern was on the china? Do you even remember the centerpieces? Unless it was your own wedding likely you can’t answer these questions.  So why invest the money for these upgraded items.

2. Have enough Food.  People will remember if they had enough food to eat.  So be sure you’ve got enough.  If you’re like me, I save my appetite for the reception. I can recall one wedding where I couldn’t wait to leave just so I could get some food.  You can save money by choosing a buffet over a sitdown dinner.  And by choosing less expensive items like pasta over fish etc.

3. Have Fun.  Your guest will remember if they had a good time.  Invest in a good dj and if your budget allows; consider renting a photo booth.  You can find some great deals on these items by using Groupon.

4. Get a Good Photographer and Videographer.  Definitely invest in both if you can afford both.  If you can only afford one, choose the photographer.  These are memories of a lifetime.  So make sure you have a good one.  At my wedding we used a family friend who was just starting their photography business.  She gave us the amazing price of free.  But the pictures were just OK.  She simply didn’t have the skills and 24+ years later, I long for those higher quality photos.

5. Buy an inexpensive dress. My dress was expensive. I loved it and wanted my dress to be a family heirloom, at that time I felt, it was worth the money. However the thought never crossed my mind that my dress would be out of style.  Or that my daughter may not or could not wear it.  I’m excited that she does want to wear it.  My dream is coming true.  However this dream wasn’t so easy.  Finding someone who would want to re design the dress was difficult.  Not to mention the cost!  It was equivalent to buying a new dress.

6. Get a good quality invitation.  The invitation sets the stage of what’s to come for your wedding.  We worked with Minted.Com  The quality and the customer service was amazing and they have invitations to fit any budget. You can even get a free wedding sample kit too.

Do you agree with these 6 tips for planning a wedding on a budget?

What tips do you have.  Leave a comment below and share your money saving ideas!


Simple Home Command Center

Lately we’ve been doing some home renovations.  I’ve been reducing the clutter in my home as well.  One of our biggest issues seemed to be important papers and mail.  Our normal routine was to attached important papers to the fridge.  Our fridge ended up being our kitchen command center.  Then the next thing you know, papers got hidden by other papers and the outside of our fridge was a mess. Something had to be done.  I realized I needed a dedicated space to create a proper home command center.

Home Command Center

I thought about building one in my office, but in reality, it’d be out of site and out of mind.  I knew I wouldn’t use it there. Our family command center needed to be somewhere we constantly accessed. We use our garage door more than our front door, this wall made the perfect spot since its located right by our garage door entry.

Once I decided on the spot I wasn’t sure what I wanted.  I looked at several ideas online and got overwhelmed.  Some of the ideas I saw were a bit outrageous, held way too much stuff and the last thing I wanted was more clutter.

Before I got started, I took a moment and looked at everything we had on our fridge. We had a calendar, dry erase board, menu planner, to do list and a magnet to hold all of our important papers.  Once I realized what was a necessity I created a simple home command center.

Simple Command Center

The H.  Very simple to make and it added a cute touch to our wall organization.  I grabbed a piece of cardboard and cute the shape of the H. I used some remnant fabric cut it to fit and taped it in the back. Then I stapled it to the wall.

I got a practical dry erase calendar.  Easy to update and make changes too.

DIY Command Center


A mailbox indoors.  Perfect for all those papers you don’t need right now.  (plus it’s a great place to store the dry erase markers)

I purchased 2 square dry erase boards. I love how I can use these for multiple things.  My menu for the week.  My to do list.  I can add motivational messages, etc.  It really gives me the option to change it up.

School Paper Organizational Tips

Clip boards one for each kid.  Each time the kids bring home papers I need to sign, they attach it to the clip board.  If I have homework I need to check or updates on their school spirit days or sports schedule this is where they place it. That way, I don’t forget.

That’s it.  Pretty simple, Eh?  If you are considering making a simple home command center, be sure to pin this to your pinterest board and save it for later.


Easy Back to School Lunch Prep Moms Will Love!

School is starting soon and getting back into a routine is hard.  Therefore, I wanted to share with you my Easy Back to School Lunch Prep idea.



Easy Back To School Lunch Prep


Let me first explain that as much as I would love to make those cute bento box lunches…. you know the ones with the cute cut out sandwiches in the shape of my kids favorite characters.  However, I just don’t have time for that. Mornings and me don’t get along too well.  Therefore a weekly lunch prep is a lifesaver.   After I wake up the kids,  I have them shower and dress. Once they are done they go downstairs, have breakfast and are responsible for getting their own lunch together.

Our lunches are simple.  Most of the time it’s sandwiches.   Other times I will switch it up and send a hot Thermos lunch instead.  But here’s how it looks:  (Hover over the picture and Pin this to your pinterest board)

Back to School Meal Prep

This weeks lunch meal prep included:

  • Fruit cups
  • Fruit pouches
  • Capri Suns
  • Water Bottles
  • Rice Kripie Treats
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Carrots Stick (Divided them into snack bags)
  • Sandwiches (The only thing I had to make)

I clearly explain what they can have.  For example one fruit, one treat, one drink etc.. And I’ll change it every week.

I do our lunch prep on Sunday and then my job is done.  I let my kids “make” their own lunch for the rest of the week.

Pretty simple eh?  It only takes me about 10 minutes to get all this together and it really is an easy lunch prep and perfect for back to school!

Do you lunch prep and do something similar?  Leave a comment and share your tips.


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Repurpose Bunk Bed – Creating Different Projects

Earlier I shared with you the twin headboards that I found for my boys bedroom.  I would have painted their existing beds, but their beds were originally bunk beds.  One of the side panels of the bunk bed broke and therefore I only had one of bunks in working condition.

bunk bed twin

One of our friends had the same issue and we sanded down on of the side rails and gave it to them, so they could fix theirs. Unfortunaley I don’t have a picture for that.

I used the slats and created this sign.  The slats were special to me, because the kids and other guests wrote notes on them.  I wanted to preserve that in some way.

homemade wall sign

Since I had no use for the other bed, I decided to give it away to one of the girls in my MOPs group.

She patched the holes that would have held the top bunk.

wooden twin bed makeover

and used a dark navy chalk pain and the transformation was amazing!

transformation makeovers

chalk paint ideas

So next time, wait before you toss out your furniture.  Think of ways to repurpose it into different projects.

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